Thursday, August 11, 2011

Won Clearly Fresh Bag - A Blessing And My Review

Happy to announce, I won these fabulous bags (Clearly Fresh Bags) in a giveaway at ruchikacooks, few weeks back...Thank You Ruchika.. "Clearly" they keep all my fruits and vegetables so fresh, as compared to a regular or other kinds of Ziplock/storage bags just because of its wonderful feature, the breathe-way technology (3 breathable membranes) which allows produce to create their own comfort atmosphere to remain fresh. These bags are quite large too, each bag is about a gallon (12"x14")and can even hold an entire head of lettuce.

These bags offer 50% MORE SHELF LIFE to all your fruits and vegetables, which means extra savingss on your grocery bills..There have been days when I bring extra produce and finally in the hot weather I ended up making the same dish again or I have to just throw it..Of Course I would rank banana,strawberries and cucumbers to be in the top most category to get spoiled pretty quick...I bought these tomatoes and cucumbers 20 days back and refrigerated it in this Clearly Fresh Bag, and they are as fresh as just bought, cucumbers are nice and crunchy, tomatoes are fresh and I am looking forward to use other vegetables and fruits like avocados, bananas,apples, cherries, mangoes,papayas,broccoli,carrots, lettuce, mint and coriander leaves will definitely remain fresh in these bags..
Clearly fresh bag review Clearly fresh bag

 How Do Clearly Fresh® Bags Work?
The technology behind Clearly Fresh® bags is our BreatheWay membrane. You’ll note that there is a hole in the film behind the BreatheWay logo on each zip bag. This is because BreatheWay acts as an Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide passageway – allowing just the right amount of oxygen in and much more carbon dioxide out. For more information on how and why BreatheWay is so effective visit
Proven technology! Others claim to extend freshness but BreatheWay technology is proven. For the past 15 years BreatheWay technology has been used in the commercial shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables. BreatheWay technology is currently used with the Eat Smart fresh cut vegetable line, shipment of select Chiquita products and has been used in Research and Development with the Navy… a personal size bag to use in your home! By providing ideal atmospheres and slowing the dehydration of fresh fruits and vegetables, Clearly Fresh offers extended storage life – Naturally!

How to Store Your Fruits and Vegetables
Putting your Clearly Fresh® bags to use is easy!
    1 Put fresh, dry, un-cooked fruit or vegetables into the bag. For best results put each produce type in its own bag – for example, apples in one bag and bananas in another.
     2 Gently push out some of the air from the bag.
     3 Zip the top of the bag closed.
    4 Store your produce as usual.
   You can learn more about the

My Verdict: I would only suggest Clearly Fresh Bags to come up with different sizes which gives flexibility to store any amount..The Rest is Best..


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