Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wholewheat Roti | Chapati

Know What You Eat: Basic Roti flour begins with whole wheat flour or whole millet flour and slightly warm water. Beyond the basic two ingredients the possibilities are endless. It is very common to add ghee or oil to make the dough softer and more malleable, and any variety of herbs and spices may also be added for flavor. As a traditional Indian flatbread, the humble Roti | Chapati makes the perfect accompaniment to richly spiced curries and fiery relishes. In Indian cuisine, Chapatis are often served in place of rice or naan bread, and they are a pleasing alternative to tortillas. They are also traditionally made with whole-wheat flour, so they are a good source of fiber. Roti | Chapatis are surprisingly simple and economical to make, with just a few ingredients and a quick cooking time, so it is easy to create an authentic, tasty Indian classic in just a few minutes.



  • 2 C Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1 Tbsp Cooking Oil | Ghee
  • Few Pinches of Salt (optional)
  • Warm Water - (just above room temperature and enough to knead soft pliable dough)

  • Mix the above ingredients with enough warm water to make a soft and pliable dough. Add the ghee or oil and continue to knead until the dough becomes elastic, which should take about five to eight minutes
  • Let dough relax for about 15 -20 mins.
  • Divide dough into 8 small sized golf balls.
  • Roll out each ball into a flat circle.
  • Preheat a griddle, cast iron skillet or tawa over high heat.
  • Roll the dough out into thin rounds that are about 6 inches in diameter and ¼-inch thick or less.
  • Place the dough on the dry griddle one round a a time, gently spinning it with your fingers or spatula to prevent sticking and ensure even cooking.
  • Turn the Roti| Chapati when brown spots begin to appear. Each side should take between one and five minutes to begin browning, depending upon the heat under your cooking surface.
  • Wrap the Roti | Chapatis individually in foil or a towel to keep them warm and fresh until you are ready to serve them.


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