Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spinach & Gooseberry Blast

Know What You Eat: How about a glass of fresh health tonic/juice after a brisk morning/evening walk where you can choose to have scrumptious salad, soups and refreshing juices thats really a work of healthy art readily available....Yes, I am talking about Epicurean delights from Mumbai’s bylanes back in India, outside the Lokhandwala Joggers’ Park. Close to 300 customers a day choose from the variety of juices, hot soups and salads this healthy craftsman offers. The assortment of juices (Rs.30 each) include everything from yummy staples such as pineapple, orange, mix fruit and kokum to more robustly healthy combinations of tulsi-methi-wheatgrass, tulsi-methi-karela and dudhi-amla. There is something for everybody. The pasta salad – loaded with pasta, boiled corn, boiled chana, chopped carrot and cabbage generously topped with coriander, chana chor garam, masala and spicy soya sticks along with gooseberry and spinach juice – is filling. “I have it every time I visit this place.

Whats so special about these goodies????

We all know about fresh Indian gooseberry(amla) juice therapeutic and medicinal benefits associating with fortification of liver and nourishment of the brain, resulting in better mental functioning. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, and a good source of vitamin A, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. It acts as a body coolant and also flushes out toxins and has been  found to increase vitality and improve muscle tone. Apart from that its also known to act as a very good brain and nerve tonic improving memory, tolerance, and nervous function, while reducing LDL ["bad"] cholesterol and thus preventing arterial blockages that may cause heart attack or stroke.
Addition of spinach to increase iron intake along with gooseberry....Why wait to make such a healthful of glass...here's how I made it....

spinach gooseberry smoothie

6 C Spinach, washed
2 C Fresh/frozen Gooseberry
1 tsp Gooseberry powder
A pinch of Salt
Few dash of Black pepper
Honey (optional) I did not add it.
Few chunks of ice

1.. Puree amla in a blender first if using fresh/frozen. You can also use gooseberry powder which are readily available in Indian stores here in US. It taste's equally good..
2.. Blend everything together in a blender, strain it and serve chilled.


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