Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Design your 'MyPlate' / MyCityCuisine

PhotobucketThe U.S. Department of Agriculture has replaced the food pyramid with a more user-friendly plate icon to help Americans make healthy food choices.

They wanted to know what your ideal plate looks like. CNN’s Eatocracy editor, Kat Kinsman, created her version, which consists of some not-so-healthy helpings of fried okra, cherry pie, cheese grits, pulled pork, and a glass of scotch.

So, health repercussions aside, show us what your ‘MyPlate’ would look like. Turn your plate into a piece of art and send it to CNN iReport . Your plate may be featured on Eatocracy, so let’s get creative!  .............. WAS the assignment in CNN iReport, so even I tried my luck by sending them "What an ideal vegetarian well balanced plate looks like in actual and graphic representation, COME CHECK HOW MYPLATE LOOKS LIKE. Will post the pictures in the next post.

My Entries:

Also Guys,
MyCityCuisine.org, a Wiki project dedicated to helping answer the question 'What Should I Order?', is currently looking for contributors!! The project's goal is to help travelers discover local foods from all over the world. Food is an integral part of the local culture so naturally tasting local food is high on most traveler's to-do list. However until now there has been no single comprehensive source for this information. The MyCityCuisine project aims to fill this void.

You can contribute to this project in the following ways:
  • Write a new dish description
  • Expand an existing dish description
  • Correct mistakes in an existing dish description
  • Suggest a new dish to be included
  • Upload a new dish photo
This site is for those interested in tasting local food, not for someone looking to cook it at home, so recipes aren't required. Visit MyCityCuisine.org to add a dish from your city!!
Go ahead, and send in your entries, help travelers discover local foods from all over the world..in your words and pictures, My entry was Sooji Halwa for Mumbai cuisine.


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