Friday, May 15, 2009

Besan(Bengal Gram) Kheer/Payasam/Pudding

Know what you Eat - Bengal gram is very high in protein and very low in glycemic index. This bean looks just like yellow split peas, but is quite different because it doesn't readily boil down to mush. It's more closely related to garbanzo beans, or chickpeas. The differences are that chana dal is younger, smaller, split, sweeter, and has a much lower glycemic index.

Cooking Time - 15 mins
Serves - 4

Besan flour(Kadalai Mavu/Bengal gram flour) - 1/2 cup
Milk - 3 cups
Water - 1 cup
Raw sugar/Jaggery(i used jaggery) - 1/2 cup or to taste
Ghee - 1 tsp
Elaichi powder - 1/2 tsp
Saffron - few strands

Ghee - 1 tsp
Raisins and nuts - 3 tsp

This is one of my mom's recipe and whenever we have unexpected guests, she used to make this in a jiffy and serve them. It takes very less time to prepare and of course if you increase the sugar will taste awesome. I believe sweetness is a acquired taste and in the process of taming mine as well as my family members to taste buds to get acquired to less sweet desserts, so feel free to increase the sugar to your taste.


1) Heat a pan and add 1 tsp of ghee and once the ghee melts add the besan flour and roast it in small flame till it slightly browns and the raw smell is gone.
2) Now add 1 cup of water little by little, make a paste using a egg beater without any lumps.
(Even though we don't eat eggs, i use a egg beater for some of the dishes like Kesari, this kheer, Mysore pak where you will have to keep stirring without any lumps).
3) Now add 1 more cup of milk and saffron strands and simmer for 7-8 mins, stirring in between frequently using a egg beater till it is completely done .
4) Add jaggery or sugar, elaichi powder and once it melts switch off.
5) Add the remaining milk and garnish with ghee roasted cashews and raisins and serve hot or cold.

l This is our entry for Mithai Mela hosted by Srivalli.
l This is our entry for
WYF Event hosted by EC.
l This dish goes to
15 mins Event hosted by Mahimaa.


FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

Very easy kheer to prepare. Will make this. I think it would taste like the bengal dhal cake. Good post.

Renu said...

Awesome recipe....I love to eat sweets and this is on my to cook list

mahimaa said...

gotta try this.. we dont make it in our family..sounds so yummy. thanks.

Prathibha said...

looks very appealing...Nice payasam...

EC said...

This is a long pending dish for me..looks so mouthwatering..thanks for the entry

Suparna said...

Wow! kheer from besan flour! haven't heard of it :) it looks so creamy and rich with nuts and all.
Thanks for the easy recipe.

Parita said...

Wow lovely kheer..never prepared using besan...must a try for me...

rekhas kitchen said...

Never tasted looks so delicious yum

srikars kitchen said...

wow.. normally we are making this payasam during Navrathiri..looks yummy & tasty payasam..

A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

Thank You ! FoodyGuru, Renu, Mahimaa,Pratibha,EC,Suparna, Parita,Rekha,Srikars for your comments, do keep visiting for more healthy recipes.

A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

Yes Srikar my mom makes it during Navaratri too, as she makes nine different payasams on all nine days.

Sharmilee! :) said...

Sounds great and yummy, will have to try this!

Pratiba Bhat said...

Oh.. I need to make these :) simple :)Might taste like mysore pak i gues :) :) Thanks :) your site is lovely for newbies like me just entering the cooking world :) :) :)

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