Saturday, January 26, 2013

Papaya Coconut Ladoo

Know What You Eat: Papaya has remarkable medicinal virtues recognized from ancient times.  It is not a commonly allergenic food.  Being one of the most easily digested fruits, it is an excellent wholesome food for young to old, a rejuvenating choice.The health benefits of papayas are too many to mention, but here are a few..digestive aid, colon cancer prevention,anti-inflammatory,throat disorders etc..Whenever you have a papaya which is not sweet, you can turn one into by making this  papaya coconut ladoo..

Papaya Coconut Ladoo

Papaya Coconut Ladoo Papaya Coconut Ladoo 

Recipe: Papaya Coconut Ladoo       Prep time : 10 min   Cook time: 20 min
2 C Ripe Papaya Pulp
1 Tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)
3/4 C  Raw Sugar (add depending on the sweetness of fruit)
1/2 C Non Fat Milk Powder ( add more to form ball if required)
1/2 C Desiccated Coconut Powder + 2 Tbsp to roll balls
1/4 C Mixed Nuts powder (Almond. Cashew)
Few pinches of Cardamom powder OR
1/2 tsp Mixed Fruit Essence
2 Drops orange & red  food color (optional)

In a non stick wok, heat papaya pulp on a medium flame, cover lid and stir occasionally as water content from papaya starts to evaporate add sugar and let it cook until it thickens just more than a pancake batter.
At this point add milk powder (add more to form ball if required), mixed nuts powder, coconut powder, cardamom or food color if using, fruit essence (optional).
Take it off from flame, let it cool a bit and start making golf size balls.
In a separate bowl take just enough of desiccated coconut powder to roll these balls for even coating.

Tip: You can add red food coloring in desiccated coconut powder which is kept aside to roll these balls for some fancy decoration. (See picture)


Maha Gadde said...

very healthy n so tempting

Srikitchen said...

looks yummy!

John Steve said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! Turkey Mince

Nithya Naveen said...

Very yummy and healthy .. Awesome clicks.. Will give it a try..

Helen Prabha said...

Wow....papaya ladoo.....super it looks....innovative recipe...:-)

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