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Home Remedies for Constipation "Phylum Husk" - A Master Cleanse

Phylum Husk: Also known as "Isabgol" A Constipation treatment- In its purest form, Isabgol is nature's highest soluble fiber. This fiber is different from the other type of fibers such as wheat bran and cellulose, which are insoluble. Helps cure chronic constipation and reduces strain during bowel movements. here are other benefits...
  • Isabgol controls diarrhea, dysentery or loose motions.
  • Isabgol moistens hard stools and eliminates the burning sensation after defecation.
  • Lower cholesterol: Isabgol can lower your cholesterol by upto 20% in only 8 weeks. The fiber present in Isabgol helps to control the blood cholesterol levels. Isabgol forms a thin layer on the intestines and prevents the absorption of cholesterol in to the arteries.
  • It regulates the blood glucose levels and insulin
  • It reduces the absorption of fats and glucose.
  • Isabgol cleans the gastro intestinal tract by removing the toxins present there along with the bulked up excretion.
  • Isabgol helps to prevent indigestion and flatulence
  • Isabgol prevents lethargy and gives a feeling of well being and good health.
  • Isabgol is not absorbed by the body thus there are no harmful side effects and it is a pure.

A Master Cleanse


2 Tbsp of Phylum Husk Powder
1 8oz. Glass


1. Mix this husk in water / your favorite juice / milk / yogurt, and drink it immediately.

Its an oral consumption anyone above the age 12 can consume phylum husk. For kids follow all the natural remedies given below, before trying  Konsyl (phylum husk) for Kids. Follow instruction on label. 

Apart from this remedy,in this article, there are other few natural remedies to cure constipation.

1.) Eat a lot of Fruits: A major cause of constipation is lack of dietary fiber in us. This can be easily offset by the inclusion of fruits to your diet on a daily basis. Fruits contain a lot of fiber along with distilled water and are easy to digest. The best fruits that can help relieve constipation include apples, bananas, papayas, avocados, pineapples, plums, mangoes, figs and grapes. Include generous portions of at least some of these fruits in your daily diet. 

2.) Eating nuts: Almonds, dried apricots, dates, raisins, prunes and walnuts are excellent sources of fiber and are delicious to eat as well. All of these nuts are readily available. Just make sure you do not over stuff as these nuts have a lot of calories.

3.) Less meat, more veggies: One of the easiest ways to get your system back on track is to reduce the intake of meat substitutes it with veggies, leafy green vegetables, to be precise. The green leafy vegetables have a huge fiber content that can easily help to relieve constipation. Parsley, turnip, olives, soybeans must all work great.

4.) Avoid Junk Foods & Dairy: Try and completely avoid processed foods / junk foods and reduce consumption of dairy products. This includes milk, butter, cheese and all the other fat-rich dairy products.

5.) Drink lots of water: One of the main factors responsible for constipation is the lack of water in your system. Drinking large amounts of water at any one point and not drink anything after is not the solution. Make it a habit to drink water on a regular basis through out the day. Keep a note on your desk or any place you frequent reminiscent of drinking water. Remember that soft drinks, tea or coffee is not a substitute for water.

6.) Juice it Up: A great way to keep you well hydrated and receive the essential nutrients and minerals, at the same time, is to drink natural fruit juices. If you do not have one, get a juicing machine and make it a point to prepare the juice into your home and do not use any packaged beverage. If you are not even that, try to buy readymade organic juices and not made from concentrate. Some of the best juices to relieve constipation include prune juice, pear juice, apple juice and asparagus. 

7.) Handy Herbs: There are many herbs readily available in the market that can work wonders for people suffering from constipation. This includes phylum husk, flaxseed. Most of these contain a large amount of fiber and essential fatty acids. They can help relieve constipation and also toxins from the gut. Just make sure to drink plenty of water if you are using any of these herbs to be effective.

To sum up what you need to get free of constipation is a healthy lifestyle with a diet rich in fiber, food intake at scheduled times, drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices, reducing consumption and, ultimately, reduction in junk food consumption of meat and dairy products.

This article is for general information only and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your medical doctor to see if this will work for you.
Laxatives may be habit-forming if they are used too often or for too long. This can lead to damage of intestinal nerves or muscle tissues. Do not take psyllium for longer than directed on the label or prescribed by your doctor.

In my personal opinion, never ever take chemical laxatives that are available over the counter. It may give you quick relief, but Ayurvedic medicines like Isabgol is safe and has minimal or no side effects and are not habit forming and instead of just avoiding the symptoms, Isabgol regulates your digestion and really helps to cure constipation problems. Isabgol can usually be bought from your local health store or any Indian grocery store.

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A very handy information to know. I didn't even know aobut all this. Thankyou for sharing.

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good info on Isabgol. that really is a wonder treatment for constipetion. but recently one of my relative is instructed by a doctor to avoid this. they said it sometimes stick to your inner body parts and doesnot get washed away, which is bad for health.

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Your knowledge about ingredients and natural remedies never ceases to amaze me! very informative post again. Know of any good Cholesterol lowering natural remedies? Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing M!
Back home they also say eating karunai kizhangu would help a lot..My post is in the draft stage and I agree with you, never try a medicine unknown..and my story will start from there..

I am eager to see all entries (very selfish way) to know more about these remedies..

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Sorry as these comments didnt get published, as we had some error posting our post yesterday..

Tina: ...Great information dear...Very useful tip..

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A very good remedy:)

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Preeti Kashyap: Thanks a lot for the info...great post!

Priya : Loads of useful infos...thanks for sharing..

Mary Moh: Very informative. We take it regularly to help maintain a good digestive system. It is good even without constipation. There are some types that incorporate in probiotics which are even better.

Happy Cook: A very handy information to know. I didn't even know aobut all this. Thankyou for sharing.

Sayantani: Any natural/store tabs of phylum husk or flax seeds..needs large amount of water to form a bulk, so drinking water is very important, when we are on this kind of things work differently for different individual we have mentioned in our disclaimer to start any stated home remedies, please first consult doctor's. Thanks!

Thanks everyone for sharing your views..

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Great share, thanks! Half a medium-sized papaya, eaten at breakfast acts as a natural laxative and will ease constipation.

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