Friday, July 8, 2011

Cold & Creamy High Protein Lowfat Italian Sandwich

Cold Italian Sandwich

Know What You Eat: There's nothing like a "cold" sandwich on a hot summer day for a quick lunch or mini meals for kids, these are absolutely flavorful, colorful, creamy perfect for a kid's appetite...Wait a minute...did I said CREAMY...hey, but I am not using mayonnaise or cream cheese, its the goodness of high protein Greek yogurt mixed with veggies and our favorite basil pesto sauce along with some baked chips and a freshly squeezed juice..Does it sound  yummy yet???? This quick and easy spread can also be used for sandwich spreads, wrap sandwiches, pre made and last minute sandwiches. So say goodbye to boring lunches and dig in these flavorful yummies...For fussy eaters add "character" to any sandwiches by punching out various shapes (hearts, animals, etc.) in bread with cookie cutters. Seasonal cookie cutters (Christmas trees, Easter bunnies) make holiday lunches extra-special. Kids—of any age—love it!.Here's how I made these lowfat creamy sandwiches. Sending this to Fast food not Fat food - Even guest hosted by Vardhini, started by Priya of NowServing

Cold & Creamy Italian Sandwich:

Preparation time: 15 mins (If you are using store bought Greek-style yogurt)
Serves : 4(single serving)

8 Wholegrain/Multi-grain Bread Slices 
2 C Cold Greek Yogurt (Read below how I made my Greek yogurt at home)
2 C Cabbage, Carrot finely shredded
1 C Spinach, finely shredded
1 Onion, medium sliced
3 Tbsp Basil Pesto sauce
1 tsp Chilly Garlic sauce
Salt to taste
Few dash of Black pepper powder

1. In a big bowl, add Greek yogurt and mix all the veggies along with basil pesto sauce, chilli garlic sauce, salt and pepper.
2. Once the mixture is ready, spread this over with a spatula or spoon over the bread slices and Enjoy!!

Note: You can pre-make these sandwiches or spread and refrigerate them for later use. Just remember not to add salt in the mixture if you are planning to use it later on as it will make all the veggies to loose water.

How to make Greek yogurt at home:
1. Start with fresh yogurt. Greek yogurt is nearly double the price of regular yogurt because it literally strains out the water and concentrates the flavors and the beneficial bacteria into a thick creamy yogurt. Simply buy your favorite yogurt at the supermarket or better and cheaper yet, make yogurt at home. Be sure to choose a plain yogurt and not ones with fruit on the bottom. Also keep in mind that making Greek yogurt will yield about half of the regular yogurt you use; 32 ounces of plain yogurt will make about 16 ounces of Greek yogurt.

2. Pour the yogurt out into a cheesecloth and sit the cheesecloth above a strainer in the sink or bowl for twenty four hours. Do not be concerned that the temperature in your house may be too warm or too cold. The yogurt will essentially continue to culture and will not spoil unless the room is very warm. If the room is above 75 degrees, or you are not comfortable with straining the yogurt at room temperature you can place the cheesecloth filled with the yogurt in the fridge. In the fridge you will need to allow 48 hours for the yogurt to fully strain since the yogurt will be slower to release moisture in the colder temperature.
3. Scoop out your fresh Greek yogurt and use it to replace mayonnaise, cream cheese,  and enjoy it fresh with nuts, fruit, and honey or in sandwich/wrap spreads.. 

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